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How do I use Coffee Joulies?

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2013 04:10PM EDT
Step 1 - Add at least 1 room temp Coffee Joulie for every 4 oz (120ml) of hot beverage you plan to drink. You may round up for a more pronounced effect. For example, using 5 Joulies with 12 oz of hot black coffee will give better performance than just 4.

Step 2 - Add the hot drink to the cup. Remember that the hotter the drink, and the more insulated the container, the more effective the Joulies will be. Ideally, you are pouring freshly brewed black coffee (~185F) into a well insulated travel mug. Cooler coffee and less insulated mugs will impact performance.

Step 3 - Use a lid for the first 5 minutes. This allows heat energy to be absorbed, and for the coffee to cool down to a safe temperature. If you normally do anything else to cool the coffee, like blow on it, add cold water or ice, try just using the lid for a few minutes instead.

Step 4 - Enjoy the perfect temperature coffee! Once Joulies have absorbed all the energy they can, they will start to release it to keep your coffee in the perfect range for as long as possible. Keep the lid on as much as possible to keep heat inside! The total length of time before the coffee gets cold, is determined by how well insulated the container is, the more insulation, the longer the coffee will stay hot!

For more information see How do Coffee Joulies work?

Joulies can be used differently in many different situations. This article covers a generic situation, for more specific information on different containers, see How do Joulies work in different containers?

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